Talent sourcing

The sourcing of talent is a step in the overall talent acquisition process. The primary purpose is to recruit outstanding professionals. You must, however, first identify and source who you wish to target.

If you don't know where to look, how to look, or how to engage with the talent you uncover, sourcing talent can be a time-consuming and inefficient process.

Our staff at Dreamzeal will assist you in locating outstanding personnel. We'll go through fundamental and advanced candidate sourcing tactics, as well as how to find the greatest resources for you. We're here to help talent sourcing specialists, or individuals responsible with proactively identifying the vital talent their company requires to succeed.

Recruitment and selection

The HR department's primary responsibility is recruitment. While HR is involved in a variety of areas such as employee engagement, development, statutory compliance, data management, and many more, one of the most important areas of attention for HR is attracting, selecting, and onboarding qualified individuals for the firm.

Why is it necessary to have a proper recruitment and selection procedure in place?

The process of attracting qualified individuals for a job post is known as recruitment, whereas the process of identifying and selecting the best candidate for that job is known as selection. The efforts of each individual are critical to the survival and prosperity of a company. As a result, choosing the correct individual for the position is critical. A terrible hire can affect overall business success in the same way that a square peg cannot fit in a round hole.

When you recruit the wrong candidate, the cost to your company is sometimes far more than if you didn't hire anyone at all! Recruitment is not just a tactical activity, but also a strategic one for the company.

As a result, an effective recruitment and selection procedure is required.

The appropriate approach displays your company's professionalism and demonstrates your expertise in recruiting and attract talented people. An effective method aids in the proactive establishment of a talent pool, assisting in the achievement of medium- and long-term corporate objectives.

Recruiting involves a number of stakeholders, including senior-level personnel in your firm, and can be time and money consuming. As a result, it's critical to make sure the process is well-defined and optimised to fulfil the expectations of all customers.

Contractual staffing

Contractual workers have proven advantages for both employees and businesses. Employees gain more flexibility and access to work, while businesses save money, boost production, and take use of a large network on demand. It's unsurprising that 65 percent of businesses expect they will apply contractual personnel restrictions more frequently in the future. Combine this tendency with the advancement of cutting-edge cellular technology, and employees will be able to communicate with job searchers more easily than ever before. It's also simple to understand how contract workers can improve your company's efficiency, effectiveness, and morale.

Because of the benefits it provides to both workers and employers, contract staffing is becoming increasingly popular. Employers can be more flexible with contract employee strategies. Independent contracts, part-time work, seasonal work, and other forms of contract staffing are all examples of contract staffing. For firms and employees who seek more flexibility and free time, this model has various advantages.

We in Dreamzeal provide temporary staffing solutions in a hassle-free and seamless. Our service is tailored to the needs of businesses of all sizes, as well as their need for individuals with the appropriate skills and qualifications. You can count on us to discover the proper people for your company's needs.

Executive and scarce skills searches

As an organisation with a department that specialises in Human Resource services, which includes, among other things, recruiting, selection, and placement. Recruitment of scarce skills for all current job seekers during this time when unemployment is a major issue.

Most businesses have this service in-house, and the HR department is in charge of delivering it. When the organisation requires a scarce expertise, the HR manager or Talent Acquisition Manager will contact the appropriate Recruitment, Head Hunting agencies, such as ours, for assistance in finding the suitable candidate for the job.

Our search environment is sector agnostic, thanks to years of design in developing a ‘real time' methodology supported by technology. Individuals are profiled by our talent acquisition team to determine their work experience, scope and scope of position and duties, compensation, and inclination to pursue a career shift in order to seek change and challenge.

Through our unique and rigorous procedure, Dreamzeal has developed a niche system for delivering executive and scarce abilities professionals to the organizations.

Recruitment and retention of people with disabilities

Keeping strong employees is especially vital for organisations. Staff retention can be improved through appreciating and valuing employees, investing in learning and development, enforcing the organization's values, and rewarding accomplishments.

Involving employees in decision-making and paying over the local minimum wage (competitively) ensures that employees feel valued for the work they do, which improves retention rates.

When it comes to working hours, it pays to be as flexible as possible; different shift patterns fit different sorts of workers, and companies who can accommodate this are rewarded with more loyal employees.

It's critical to help employees and consider their duties outside of the office, as these can have an impact on their work performance. Providing a positive workplace culture goes hand in hand with ensuring employees are physically and mentally ready for work.

Measuring employee satisfaction can help you figure out how to improve your company's culture, but whether you conduct it formally or informally, the most important thing is to show that you listen to and act on what employees have to say.

Employee background cross check

You take a risk when you hire a new person to fill a critical position in your company. Your company, as well as your stakeholders, investors, clients, present staff, and suppliers, is at risk. To run a successful business, you must keep that risk to a minimum.

Information is the key to reducing that danger.

Taking an application or a CV at face value isn't enough. To place yourself in the best possible position when making a hiring decision, you should do a complete and comprehensive background check. Dreamzeal specialises in providing organisations with in-depth, unbiased background and qualification information about candidates.

All of our screening services are carried out using tried-and-true procedures, and everything we do is subjected to multiple quality checks. That implies that every piece of information we supply is 100% accurate, allowing you to make informed hiring decisions.

You gain the following benefits when you work with Dreamzeal:

Domestic and international coverage is extensive.

Multiple background checks can be managed online.

Quick response times

Searches of high quality, backed up by various tests and quality assurance